Memoirs of A Fisherman’s Son

Carol Malaquias

From Abalone Chowder to Zuppe di Pesce, this collection of more than 250 delightful recipes, seasoned with kitchen wisdom, culinary history & literature, celebrates the wealth of flavors which the world’s waters have offered through the generations.

For more than 250 years after the first lighthouse was built on Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha‘s Vineyard, no book had ever been written specifically about the beacons along this shoreline. During that period, more than 40 lighthouses guided mariners through these treacherous waters, and they comprised a concentration of beacons far greater than any other in the entire world. America’s Landfall was the first book to chronicle these particular lights that became not only a symbol for this region, but also a display of our nation’s progress. Illustrated with more than 75 historic photographs and nautical charts, this guide recounts just how it was that these beacons came to be and why it is that the few which remain are worth preserving.


Delicious Fish from the Waters off Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard (3rd ed)
Cynthia & Robert Ahern

Fortunately for those who love the Cape, as well as for those who love to read, Henry David Thoreau left no stone unturned as he ambled through backyards, strolled along beaches, and traipsed through the scrub of this peninsula with the eye of an observer who was fully enthralled with the obvious. The result of his excursions was not just Cape Cod, but also this unique edition. While Thoreau’s journals from the first three visits provided the basis for his text, his entries from the final visit are also included as an appendix. And following those, our newly re-designed volume retains the only complete index to this classic work.

232 pages · Softcover · 8 by 8 · Kitchen Hints · Glossary of the Fishes · Index
ISBN: 978-1883684285

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264 pages · Illustrated · 8 by 8
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114 pages · Softcover · 5 by 8
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Historic Lighthouses of Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard (4th ed)

Donald W. Davidson

256 pages · Hardcover · 8 by 8
Index · Illustrated
ISBN: 978-1883684277

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Fishing has always been a dangerous business, and east of Nantucket lies Georges Bank, one of the greatest and most dangerous fishing grounds in the world. Upon Great Waters tells the tales of those early generations of banks fishermen from Provincetown, Gloucester, and New Bedford, who sailed to sea in schooners and steamers, as well as the anguish of those ashore who prayed for their safe return. This is their story of the incredible distances that these fishers ventured, the uncharted seas they combed, and the storms that each one weathered, all in search of a fish.

240 pages · Hardcover · 5½ by 8½
Illustrated · Index · Bibliography
ISBN: 978-1883684064

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Throughout the years of their marriage, Carol Malaquias came to realize that no one had a more interesting or romantic childhood than did her husband. Over after-dinner brie and the last dregs of the cabernet, he would wax nostalgic and regale her with tales of his growing up in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The insulated nature of any small town in the 1950s and '60s naturally forged a closeness of community. But the trifecta of the Portuguese fishermen, the artists, and the New York visitors converging on what was fondly known as P'town made for a unique life at the sandy tip of the Cape Cod peninsula.

The Story of the Portuguese Fishermen

Jeremiah Digges

228 pages · Softcover · 6 by 9
ISBN: 978-1883684037

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299 pages · Illustrated · 6 by 9
Index · Bibliography
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Henry David Thoreau

with an introduction by Joseph Jay Deiss

160 pages · Hardcover · 5½ by 8½
Historic photographs & nautical charts
ISBN: 978-1883684099

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A Treasury of Seafood Chowders, Bisques, Soups & Stews

Deborah Benoit McGarry

The Far-Away Island

William Oliver Stevens

Capt. Joshua Slocum